Política de calidad

The CIECH Group produces and sells innovative chemical products with a wide range of uses and a prearranged level of quality. At the same time, we care for the principles of sustainable development and continuous improvement of the organization. At the stage of designing and introducing new products, we take into account the expectations of the business environment as well as applicable legal requirements and standards. In our production processes and services we follow good manufacturing and good distribution practices.

Both top management and employees of the companies are fully aware of their responsibility for the quality and safety of manufactured products.

We implement the Quality Policy Goals in four, most important for the CIECH Group, areas:

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Increasing innovation

Efficiency Continuous Improvement

Effective Management

We want to increase the satisfaction of our clients by:

We want to ensure the continuous development of our company and the innovation increasing by:

We want to continuously improve our financial efficiency by:

We want to achieve higher organizational standards and effective management of the Group by:

  • Increasing the competitive advantage by constantly improving the quality of our products.
    • Providing a broad product portfolio and adapting it to the needs of customers.
    • Building constant relationships with clients, listening to their needs and responding quickly to voices from business partners as our ambassadors.
    • Meeting legal requirements, standards and specifications.
  • Investments in research and development.
    • Acquiring and retaining talented people with valuable experience and skills while maintaining an optimal level of employment.
    • Ensuring appropriate competencies for employees in individual positions by internal and external training programmes.
    • Involvement of all employees in implementing the company's strategy.
  • Maintaining adequate financial liquidity.
    • Systematic increase of equity.
    • Minimizing the costs of bad quality.
    • Seeking support for our innovations in external financing sources.
    • Process monitoring based on established indicators.
    • Successive reduction of costs and operational risks.
  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and maintenance of certification for compliance with the ISO 9001 standard in all companies of the Group
    • Introducing modern IT management systems.
    • Implementing new quality management tools and policies supporting quality assurance, product safety, environmental and health and safety.
    • Management based on a process approach.